Ultimate Life Tool – Human Assessment Test




The ULT, Ultimate Life Tool®, technology is a 10 minute online human assessment followed by a 7-10 page detailed report that facilitates team building, executive coaching, leadership development, career counseling, matchmaking, as well as family, relationship and interpersonal conflict resolution.

The tool is a patented proprietary assessment instrument of understanding based on the laws of nature, and grounded in science. The ULT curriculum has been approved by the State Board of Behavioral Sciences, the Board of Registered Nursing and the International Coach federation.

This evolutionary Human Assessment Instrument enables professionals and individuals to identify personal potential, human tolerance, perceptivity, motivations and behavioral strengths & weaknesses.

Taking the test is a great opportunity for individuals seeking self-awareness to better understand themselves and others. The technology is unique and is considered to be the first tool of choice for those exceptional relationship professionals seeking honest answers for their clients and themselves. Once you make your payment a link will bee sent to you for the test. After you take the test a ULT summary report will be emailed to you based on your test results.


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