The Profit Mastery Program


Finance | Operations | Sales & Marketing | Exit Strategy program. This program is designed to systematize a well operated organization in all areas of the business. We will create a structure for the business that you can operate for years to come maximizing its top value .



There are 3 MAJOR functions that exist in a Home Care Agency, Sales & Marketing, Operations, and Finance.

The truth is all three must be very strong. If any of the three are weak, your organization is not as effective. ALL three areas are EQUALLY important.

The Profit Mastery Program:

Triage –> Clean Up –> GROWTH

Deep Dive into the financials

Week 1 -> Boost your books…plan and training for tight Margins – Healthy GP% and NP%. Train you on proper bookkeeping so you can keep clean books. The goal here…is to go straight for that high Multiple when the time comes!

Deep Dive into operations

Week 2 -> Plan for strong operations which you can implement NOW – 3-year roadmap to keep you on track to Millions with an easy to follow plan for each area – Finance, Operations, Sales and Marketing; Custom Growth model easy to stay on. Our goal: For the business to run its self at some point without you in it and still make $$$$$!

Deep Dive into Sales/Marketing

Week 3 -> This week we will take a deep look at your marketing and sales efforts. Identify challenges and create a plan to follow in a strong effort to maintain consistent referrals and revenue opportunities. We will identify untapped referral sources in your area. We will train you and/or your team how to pitch to each referral source and identify YOUR best approach using your own communication style.

Bonus Week-> Executive training – examine how you operate and create a plan to take care of yourself while taking care of the business so YOU and your company operate at high performance without burnout. * I am also a fitness coach and strongly believe your health is important


“Jen Ramos has helped me double my business in the last six months. Her coaching provides a simple logical approach to growth by breaking down large goals into smaller daily practices. My greatest take away is that she has shown me how to overcome obstacles both real and imagined.”

~ Shelly Krause Golden Heart Senior Care Colorado

Don’t take your business for granted…its a mistake. A small investment upfront can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars later, sometimes even millions.


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