Thank you for visiting our page! Allow me to introduce myself and why JR3 Coaching exists today. My name is Jennifer Ramos and I have been a successful entrepreneur and business owner for many years, having established a healthy network of successful Home  Care Agencies throughout Southern California and Colorado.

During my years as a business owner I also became a Certified Behavior Specialist and a Level V Master Trainer with the Y.O.U. Institute. As a Certified Behavior Specialist and Business Consultant, I am able to take my expertise to the next level.  What JR3 Coaching brings to people management is undeniable.

The intention behind all of our pursuits lies in helping people experience the best quality of life imaginable for themselves and others around them. This relentless pursuit began when my father passed away at the early age of 45 in 1998. From that moment on it has become my mission in life to live the best quality of life imaginable for myself and those around me.

I truly believe to grow old is a privilege and our elders deserve the best possible care we can deliver. Grateful for the success I have achieved thus far in business and in life, I want to encourage and assist others to live their best life imaginable. I believe we are all here to make a difference and impact this world with our natural talents...some of us need a little help with discovering and developing those talents and that's where JR3 Coaching steps in.

You are clearly in the industry of helping our elders or you wouldn't be on this website; so bravo to you! We want you to succeed in your endeavors so you can provide the best quality of care imaginable to our elders. My team and I are ready to assist in any way we can to ensure the success of your business, delivery of the highest quality of care to your clients, and provide you the tools to become a premier Home Care Agency in the industry.